Christelle Rousselle



Translation for successful global communication

English/Dutch/German to French translator
specialised in marketing, e-commerce and SEO

Do you need to get your website or business documents translated in order to seduce your French customers?

No panic! I can help you!

I am an experienced and professional translator, and I can provide you with texts adapted to the French market and optimised for a better ranking on search engines. Let me translate your English, Dutch or German content and you will have quality French texts.


Translation of your generic and commercial documents from English, Dutch and German to French.


Adjustment of your communication media to fit the cultural, linguistic and regulatory specifities of the French market.

SEO translation

Including suitable keywords in your various web content (website, product pages, blog, social media posts).


Checking and correcting syntaxic and stylistic errors in your French texts and documents, whether they come from a translation or not, to give them a perfectly fluid and natural style.


Reviewing and improving a machine-translated text to reproduce all the subtleties of the source document.



Checking and correcting grammar and spelling in your French content, without changing its style.

years of experience

mastered languages

translated web contents

Why is human translation better than machine translation?

Machine translation softwares are more and more efficient, but a human translator is still the best one to feel and recreate all the subtleties of a text. A machine will give a literal and word-for-word translation, and, as a result, an awkward text containing nonsense or cultural references which the target readers won't understand. You will lose time but also money, because you will have to get the translation reviewed and corrected.

To avoid such inconvenience, the best you can do is to use the services of a human translator.

Human translator working on an English to French translation
Native translator, essential for quality English to French translations

Why should you choose a native translator?

The native translator only translates into his/her mother tongue and is therefore much more competent to offer you a text as close to perfection as possible. Being a real expert in the target language, he/she leaves no room for inaccuracies, recognizes idioms and writes a text matching all the subtleties of his/her language.

Translator vs interpreter: what's the difference?

These two jobs seem similar, but they are actually different, and each requires its own skills.

The translator has a written work: he converts a written text from one language into another, keeping the same style and recreating all the implied images and ideas from the source content.

The interpreter works orally: he renders the spoken words of one person in another language, and must therefore listen and translate simultaneously.

Interpreters orally translating from English to French